About SPIC.E Retreat

This was not just Fun time for club members. We did a lot of socializing, games, independent living, leadership training, and more.




THE EVOLUTION OF MONEY          Jeffrey Safie        
In today’s world “everything is solved or done with money” as the people say. But there was a time when money did not exist and the word “buy” was never heard of.
Subsistence was the name of the game in the early days of the world. Subsitence meant simply “kill and eat” or “produce and consume”. The people of that time did not take consideration of prices or trades, that is; all they needed was produced by themselves. So everyone was a farmer and a hunter and a shoemaker and a blacksmith and ….


 About SPICE.E Luncheon

SPICE lunch date where the following skills were put to practice: Social Etiquette, and some aspects of formal behaviour.
•Taking your seat and handling napkins
•Posture at the table and excusing yourself
•Proposing a Toast
•Improve Mingling Proficiency/ making the right contacts
•Using appropriate forms of address for specific officials, judges, president, MPs etc.


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